Staff Report 2022 SAGM

Staff Report to Membership

SAGM October 27, 2022

Over the past 6 months, staff in the office have provided ongoing support and advocacy to members on multiple issues. Staff also perform many of the administrative tasks for the local. The following provides a summary of our advocacy work.

For the overall membership:

1. Preparation for Collective Bargaining for all Components: surveying, research, writing proposals, etc.

2. Active Collective Bargaining for Component 3.

3. Responding to email inquiries on wages, working conditions, and the collective agreements.

4. Meeting with members to provide advice and/or support.

5. Continued advocacy with HR representatives on behalf of members.

6. Provided representation to members at meetings involving potential disciplinary action.

7. Provided representation to members engaged in EQHR investigations.

For Component 1:

1. Preparation of orientations for all TA’s, (documents, powerpoint, schedule etc)

2. With the assistance of Component 1 stewards, delivery of orientation to close to 1000 TA members through the month of September.

3. Raising issues with HR on behalf on members related to hours of work, Checklist of assigned duties, supervision concerns, assignment procedures and other potential collective agreement violations.

4. Provided Training sessions for Stewards (ongoing).

5. Staff sit as Co-chair on the TA Hardship Fund Committee.

6. Received and processed applications for the Component 1 Conference Award Fund (ongoing).

For Component 2 Second Language Instructors:

1. Ongoing contact with HR to deal with the lack of work available for Component 2 teachers in the English Language Center.

2. Assisted teachers with various inquiries around pay, sick time, vacation time, seniority, converting from regular to term status, retirement.

For Component 2 Cultural Assistants:

1. Oriented members to the Collective Agreement

2. Answered inquiries related to ProD funding, sick bank

For Component 2 Residence Life Workers:

1. Oriented members to the Collective Agreement

2. Organized and held the first steward meeting of the year.

For Component 3:

1. Working with HR and members to informally resolve issues around layoffs, overpayments, leaves, direct appointments, continuing status, benefits, and various other collective agreement issues.

2. A large amount of staff time was dedicated to meetings with the Employer and with members both individually and collectively that were negatively impacted by changes at the School of Social Work