2020-21 Executive & Trustee Nominees


Greg Melnechuknominated by Matthew Koch

2nd Language Instructor in Continuing Studies (component 2)

I’ve been on the 4163 executive since 2002, except for a break in 2015. I served as Treasurer for a few years, and have been President for 8 years on and off. I was a component 2 steward for over 10 years and on the bargaining team for the past 5 rounds. This past round, I sat at all three bargaining tables. I wish to continue as President because the truth is that there is always work to be done in the struggle for workers’ rights at UVic, and I know that CUPE 4163 has made and will continue to make an impact for its members. My long history with the local helps me in my work with both the executive and staff. I have a healthy distrust of the University power structure, but my years of labour relations work has helped me realize that being adversarial just for the sake of being adversarial often gets in the way of advancing your members’ interests.  That said, sometimes playing nice doesn’t work.

Some of the work I hope to accomplish in the next year might seem mundane – working with Melissa to organize and digitize years of paper records so that we have instant access to the information we need when facing management. An urgent concern is determining just how the move to online courses is going to affect our members, and ensuring that their work-life balances aren’t sacrificed in the name of “keeping open for business”.


Christy Sebelius – nominated by Greg Melnechuk

2nd Language Instructor in Continuing Studies (component 2) (retired)

Christy first joined the executive in 2011, and took on the Treasurer role back in 2013. After being to of the role for a couple of years, she came back in 2018.

Recording Secretary

Claire Oordt-Bosmannominated by Matthew Koch

Community Leader at the University of Victoria (Component 2).

I am running for the position of Recording Secretary. I took on this role at the last AGM and have enjoyed learning more about CUPE 4163; I would be honoured to continue in this role.

Component 1

Vice President


Communications Officer


Member at Large

Trustee (2 positions)

Component 2

Vice President

Jasmine Pathak nominated by Katja Gee

I am a third-year student at UVIC working as a Residence Education Community Leader in ResLife.

I am running for Vice-President because I believe in the power of collective action, and I have seen firsthand how Unions can create better workplaces. If elected to this position, I will ensure that all ResLife student-staff members feel represented within the Union and will work to have your concerns addressed. I have been with ResLife for two years, and my previous work in student unions and governance have given me the tools to represent my colleagues on the executive team.

Communications Officer

Sicily Foxnominated by Katja Gee

Residence Life,  Community Leader (CL)  for two years,  a Senior Community Leader (SCL) this year, and will return to the SCL role next year

I would love to work with you all in this capacity because I am passionate about supporting student workers and would love to support decision making around allocating donations. I also feel I am a strong communicator and would love to learn more about how to sit in on an official meeting.

Member at Large

Giuliano “Jules” Verdicchio  nominated by Katja Gee

Residence Life, Senior Community Leader beginning August 2020

I am interested in being a Member at Large because I feel I have developed solid relationships with my coworkers in ResLife and this position will allow me to adequately represent them. To me belonging to a union means standing together to make sure our voices are heard. I know how important the Union has been in the advancement of working conditions at UVic. I was first a Community Leader in the 2014-15 academic year, right on the fringe of unionization. I have seen how things have improved in the past few years and I am keen to see that they continue to do so. Thank you for your consideration.


Trustee (2 positions)

Pamela Westinghousenominated by Greg Melnechuk

2nd Language Instructor in Continuing Studies

Pamela has been a trustee

Linda Martinenominated by Greg Melnechuk

2nd Language Instructor in Continuing Studies

Linda was first elected as a Trustee for component 2 last year. She also serves as a steward for component 2 in the English Language Centre.

Component 3

Vice President

Matthew Kochnominated by Michael Reed

Continuing sessional lecturer in the Departments of History and Hispanic/Italian Studies.

I am willing to serve again as VP of Comp 3, though I am also prepared to step aside if someone else is interested, as I have served on the exec since 2010, and as VP since 2012. If I serve again, my first priority will be to finally conclude our discussions with HR about the LOU concerned with many facets of the work of our members in Nursing. We are engaged in conversations to help our members across campus with transitions to online teaching necessitated by the COV-19 pandemic: we are hoping to negotiate some sort of support for equipment purchases, and are keen to avoid undue burdens for our members through excessively large class sizes: where appropriate I will advocate for the allocation of TAs or the opening of new sections. We also want to track members who are losing their jobs due to the COV-19 crisis and prevent or mitigate layoffs if we can. Workload has been a long-standing concern for many of you, and will be an especially key issue now that some faculties are seeing dramatic increases in student interest as a result of high levels of unemployment: I want to strike a workload committee to establish appropriate limits for class sizes for our various units, which will prepare us for the discussions about workload with the admin mandated by our current CA.


Communications Officer

Michael Reednominated by Matthew Koch

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies and a Term Sessional in Medieval Studies and Humanities (I’ll become a Continuing Sessional in September, 2020).


Since joining our Executive last year, our local’s Communications Committee has deliberated on several funding requests from charitable organizations and contributed to the Executive’s monthly planning meetings. As an Executive member, I am keenly aware that my vote has a direct impact on your money; how union-dues are spent is a significant responsibility that I take very seriously. Judicious fiscal policy, coupled with social agency, informs my approach to Union-service. Furthermore, I’ve distanced myself from inflexible ideologies that ignore the reality of the Sessional-experience at UVIC. As a gay male, I am also intimately aware of the intersectional discrimination (overt and subtle) faced by many students and staff on our campus. As your Communications Secretary, I will continue to advocate for pragmatic resolutions between our Local and our Employer; for fiscal responsibility by the Executive; and for greater diversity in our Union-movement.


Member at Large

Dave Dolffnominated by Matthew Koch

Continuing sessional lecturer in the Departments of History

Dave has represented component 3 on the 4163 executive since 2010.

Trustee (2 positions)