Component 3 Reaches Agreement at Bargaining Table

philipcox bargaining, Component 3

The Component 3 bargaining team met with the employer all day yesterday, and reached a tentative agreement last night.

The total financial package is consistent with deals made in other sectors, but modest language improvements were also made, including benefits for eligible members that did not exist previously. There was additional commitment in writing on behalf of the university to work jointly with the union towards solutions on other issues that were too complicated to resolve at the bargaining table.

We will work on a more informative summary of the tentative agreement over the course of the next few days, but a membership meeting will be held to explain the new articles and to go over the language in detail.  Members must vote to ratify the agreement before it takes effect. Given that we are reaching the holiday break, we will be holding the membership meeting after the first week in January.  Voting on ratification will start after the membership meeting, and likely be extended for a day or two at voting tables on campus, so that members who cannot attend the meeting will have a chance to look over the language, asks questions, and vote.

Please note that even if you are not appointed to teach next term (Spring 2013), you are still entitled to vote on the tentative agreement, since you are a voting member for up to 12 months after your last teaching assignment ends.

The CUPE 4163 Executive wants to thank the bargaining team – Christine wadge, Glen Tadsen, Heidi Darroch, and Reuven Sussman – for all their work and to extend that thanks to their families, who have had to cope with the bargaining team’s extensive hours at the table.