Unions and You

A Voice at Work

With a union at your workplace you have a say in what happens at your workplace. Without a union – management calls all the shots and the people who actually do the work are often excluded from discussions where they have valuable input. Instead of dealing with arbitrary decisions from management – you have a voice.


Respect is about being paid a fair wage and being valued at work. Respect is not being bullied or harassed at work. It means management having realistic expectations and consulting on important workplace decisions. With a union – management and workers are equal before the labour board.

Fairness Rather than Favouritism

When you join a union you will negotiate a set of rules that guarantee respect and fairness for everyone – not just management’s favourites. Pay increases, benefits and workplace conditions are guaranteed in a contract that cannot be changed without agreement from you and your co-workers.

Workplace Training

Most unions in BC have training programs for members so you can expand your skills. Often unions offer workplace training on your rights at work, occupational health and safety, dealing with difficult situations and public speaking.

Job Security

With a union you can speak out about problems at the job without fear of being disciplined or losing your job. With a union, contract workers can only be fired when there is just cause – not just because a supervisor doesn’t like you.

A Better Workplace Environment

By yourself you don’t have much power – but when you work together with your co-workers, you can get more done. With a union you have a chance to have a say in your conditions of work. You get a say about fairness, job security and respect. All too often, workplaces without a union have to deal with unfair treatment, inconsistent rules or favouritism.

Having a union at work means you can make your job better rather than looking for another job.

You are covered by a collective agreement between CUPE4163 and the University of Victoria.  If you have any questions or concerns email office4163@gmail.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also call 250-472-4778 or 250-853-3863