Component 1 Conference Award Fund

Through collective bargaining back in 2012, CUPE 4163 and the University of Victoria  created a conference fund to support CUPE 4163 Component 1 members in their professional and/or academic pursuits.

How the Conference Award Fund works: 

Applicant Eligibility: You must be a component 1 member.

Travel Eligibility: Academic or research conferences and workshops but not course-related travel.

Amount: Grants are to a maximum of $450 and allotted on a first come – first served basis, to the maximum amount available for the month of conference attendance.

Fund Administration: A joint committee comprised of two union representatives appointed by CUPE 4163 and two people appointed by the University will administer the fund.

Funding from other sources will  not affect Conference Award Fund eligibility as  long as the  total funding received from all sources does not exceed expenses.

How to apply:

Fill out the application form and send/email/deliver to CUPE 4163 office (Health and Wellness Building room # 246 or office4163 (at) ). NOTE: A letter of acceptance or conference registration must be provided with the application.

If you drop the application off in person, please slide it under the office door if there is nobody in the office.

If your request meets the criteria and there is money available  for the month for which you apply, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been approved.  You will have 30 days from the end of the travel to return the approval email to the CUPE 4163 office, along with the original receipts, and Travel Expense Report for reimbursement. If you are providing another UVic funding source with original reciept that must be noted on your Travel Expense Report along with details of that funding source.  Do NOT send directly to Accounting!

The reimbursement payment will be through direct deposit to your bank.  The following are the appropriate forms to be used.  The Travel expense Report form can be retrieved from UVic Accounting Services website as well.


Travel Expense form (fillable in excel)