4163 Executive

CUPE 4163 Executive

The Executive oversees union business between general membership meetings (e.g., education, grievance reports, financial business, political action, etc.).

In addition to the President,  Treasurer, and Recording Officer, there are 3 Vice-Presidents, 3 Communications Representatives, and 3 Members-At-Large. The President, Treasurer, & Recording Officer of the local are elected by the entire membership, and the Vice-Presidents,  Communications Representatives, and  Members-At-Large are elected by the component caucuses.

There are also 6 Trustees (2 from each component) who do not sit on the Executive Board.

Officers receive a small yearly honorarium, while the President and the Treasurer for the local are paid positions.

For more information about the Executive Board (such as duties), see the “CUPE 4163 By-Laws” page.


President Greg Melnechuk Uniongreg (at) shaw (dot) ca
Treasurer Kindra Harte  
Recording Officer Claire Oordt-Bosman  
Equity Vice-President Michael Reed  
Vice President (Comp 1) Evan Stefanek
Vice President (Comp 2) Jules Verdicchio 
Vice President (Comp 3) Matthew Koch Koch4163(at)gmail (dot) com
Communications Representative (C 1) Christine Todd  
Communications Representative (C 2) Lucy Rohatynchuk  
Communications Representative (C 3) Amy Levine
Member at Large (Comp 1) Arman Nikkhah  
Member at Large (Comp 2) Vacant  
Member at Large (Comp 3) Dave Dolff  
Trustee (Comp 1) Vacant  
Trustee (Comp 1) Vacant  
Trustee (Comp 2) Linda Martine  
Trustee (Comp 2) Pam Westinghouse  
Trustee (Comp 3) Leslie Bland  
Trustee (Comp 3) Norman Fennema