CUPE 4163 has various committees:

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee, as the title suggests, deals with the Locals’ communications matters, for example, determine how information is communicated to the members, what platforms we should use, and what campaigns should look like.

The Communicators Reps sit on the Committee, and other members are more than welcome to volunteer.

Contract Committees

In the year leading up to bargaining, each component strikes a contract committee to determine the priorities for bargaining and to help craft proposals.

The component contract committees are open to any members of that component, and usually have at least one executive member.

Donations Committee

CUPE 4163 has an annual donation budget. The Donations Committee considers donation requests, and decides whether or not to forward the requests to the Executive and if so, recommends, based upon policy guidelines, a donation amount.

The Donations Committee is made up of the Communications Reps.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee deals with the financial matters of the Local. This includes drafting up the annual budget,  hearing requests for financial expenditures (other than donations), and annually reviewing financial by-laws, policies and procedures of the Union.

In accordance with CUPE 4163 Bylaws 6.1, 6.2, and 6.5 (revised November 2012), the Finance Committee consists of the President, Treasurer, and Members-at-Large.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee  makes decisions related to the status of grievances when there are implications on Components or the Local. For example, if a grievance has been processed through the grievance procedure and has not been resolved, the Committee shall determine whether or not to proceed to arbitration.

The Grievance Committee is made up of the President and the three Vice-Presidents.

Mobilization Committee

The purpose of this committee is to promote active engagement with the Local and educate members on the union movement, as well as to develop and carry out campaigns related to membership engagement in all components. These campaigns may include but are not limited to collective bargaining and political action.

The Mobilization Committee is open to any 4163 member and has at least one executive member to act as a liason between the Committee and the Executive.

Personnel Committee

CUPE 4163 is the employer of two paid business agents . The Personnel Committee deals with issues and duties relating to the the Local’s management of its employees, including hiring and negotiating collective agreement with the staff.

The Committee is composed of the President and the Vice-Presidents.


For more details on the committees,¬† see the “CUPE 4163 Committee Terms of Reference” page