About Us

The University of Victoria Educational Workers’ Union (CUPE, Local 4163) represents approximately 1500 members. Together, CUPE 4163 members perform more than two thirds of the instruction at the University of Victoria.

The local is made up of three “components” with separate Collective Agreement language :

Component One: Teaching Assistants, Lab Instructors, Computer Lab assistants, and Academic Assistants

Component Two: Second Language Instructors in the English Language Centre and French language Programme, Cultural Assistants, and Community Leaders

Component Three: Continuing Instructors, Sessional Instructors (aka “Sessional Lecturers”), and Music Performance Instructors

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is a decentralized union, respecting the principle of “local autonomy.” This means that it’s possible for members to maintain democratic control over their Local, while drawing on the financial, legal, and bargaining strength of a national union. Simply put, the union is us – its members.

You can get involved by attending meetings, joining a committee, volunteering as a steward or executive member, or by simply providing feedback.


CUPE 4163 Executive

The Executive oversees union business between general membership meetings (e.g., education, grievance reports, financial business, political action, etc.).

In addition to the President, Secretary Treasurer, and Recording Secretary, there are 3 Vice-Presidents, 3 Communications Secretaries, and 3 Members-At-Large. The President, Secretary-Treasurer, & Recording Secretary of the local are elected by the entire membership, and the Vice-Presidents,  Communications Secretaries, and  Members-At-Large are elected by the component caucuses.

For more information, see the Executive page


CUPE 4163 Staff

CUPE 4163 employs two staff who take care of the Local’s Labour Relations work as well as its day to day business.


Our Business Agent is Melissa Pritchard.

Melissa came to CUPE 4163 with several years of experience as Unit President of the United Steelworkers, Local 2009.

email Melissa:  office4163@gmail.com

Offices: Health & Wellness Building (TEF), Rooms 244 and 246

Phone: Greg: 250 472-4778  Melissa: 250-853-3863

Please note: We prefer not to be faxed, but if you need to send one, please email us or call us first and we will arrange a number where you can fax us.

CUPE 4163 staff belong to the BC Union Workers’ Union.