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CUPE 4163 T.A. Midterm Review Form

For information about the Review Form, go here.

CUPE4163Application (Spring 2015) (1) (xls)

Application forms are usually obtained from your Department, and may vary slightly. Please check with your Department before using this form.

Internal CUPE 4163 Forms:

CUPE_4163_Expense_Form-fillable last update Apr2022 (PDF) (If possible – please fill out this form electronically – it makes for a happy treasurer!)

This fillable PDF form is used to document receipted expenses related to approved union business (e.g., travel costs, accommodations,office supplies, etc.). The per kilometer rate is $.59/km, with the maximum km cost not to exceed cost of airfare. Receipts are not required for personal vehicle km rate.

Parking costs are reimbursed when receipt provided and on CUPE 4163 business. Taxi or airport shuttle costs from airport to hotel to meeting place are reimbursed upon submission of receipts. Members should make every reasonable effort to carpool and travel together.

Per Diems are intended to be a reasonable allowance to cover meal expenses and personal phone calls while on union business.

Per diem: (bylaw 11.5(a)): $10 per day for union business where meals are provided; otherwise, $20 for breakfast, $24 for lunch, and $46 for  dinner.” Receipts are not required for the per diem.

Staff Per Diem   (as per CEP 467 collective agreement) “All Employee expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with the CUPE BC expense policy.”

2019: $17 per day for union business where meals are provided; otherwise, $43 for ½ day meetings or ½ day of travel to next day meeting or return travel day, and $86 for  full meetings or full day travel to and from meetings.

Receipts are not required for per diems