CUPE 4163 Logo Contest

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In the midst of working with other organizations in various capacities, producing promotional material, and branding our campaigns and messages around bargaining and the need to stop cuts to Post-Secondary education,  it has become clear that it would be advantageous for CUPE 4163 to have a distinct logo rather than the generic CUPE one we now use.

It is understood that choosing a logo is a subjective exercise and will not always have a unanimous agreement and in fact often will not garner a consensus on a finished product. Nonetheless, it is crucial that CUPE local 4163 provides its members an opportunity to participate in the logo process. With this in mind, the membership has approved a logo contest in which CUPE 4163 will engage two members of the local with media  or visual arts backgrounds to judge the contest. The judges’ decision will be final; the final LOGO will not be ratified by the general membership. The contest will be advertised for three weeks with a two week window for entries (5 week total).

The Contest:

The LOGO will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. “CUPE 4163” is easily identified
  2. The art relate to the Union’s constituency (who we represent, where we work, the work we do)
  3. Artistic Creativity
  4. The legibility of artwork when reduced to lapel pin size/ enlarged to billboard size

Entrants are not limited to one submission.

Once the two judges have decided on a logo the Joint Executive will begin using the CUPE 4163 logo on various material to identify and brand CUPE 4163.

There be a prize gift (maximum $100 value) for the winning entry. The winning member will have his/her picture taken with the logo for media purposes.

Closing date for submissions: April 1

Entries may be submitted to the CUPE 4163 office (TEF Room 217)  or email office(at)