AGM March 13/13 – Election Results

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Thankyou to the outgoing executive members for their hard work on behalf of all of the members of CUPE 4163!
Welcome to the incoming executive.  The AGM Election Results:
President: Greg Melnechuk
Secretary-Treasurer: Christy Sebelius
Vice-President Component 1: Jason Walters
Vice-President Component 2: Linda Martine
Vice-President Component 3: Matthew Koch
Recording Secretary Component 1: Heike Letrarri
Recording Secretary Component 2: Ocean Inglin
Recording Secretary Component 3: Karen Potts
Member at Large Component 1: Justin Karr
Member at Large Component 2: Mark Pomeroy
Member at Large Component 3: David dolff
Trustees Component 1: David Collins
Trustees Component 2: vacant
Trustees Component 3: Paul McCrae & Sheila Burgar