Highlights of March 13/13 AGM

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  •  During the food portion of the agenda,  Brother David Huxtable spoke on his research into international unionionism and its connection to CUPE.  David was supported by CUPE’s International Solidarity committee and other labour organizations  on his recent research travel to India;
  • Election of Officers: See new Executive on the Executive contact page;
  •  Proposed By-Law changes were adopted;
  • Due to the Budget By-Law change the proposed 7 month budget with a minor amendment to component socials line item was passed; An annual budget will be adopted at the Fall Semi Annual General Meeting in October/early November
  • Reminder that CUPE 4163 needs a GSS rep
  • Reminder that CUPE 4163 needs Employment Equity and  Educational Equity Advisory group reps (both make up the University Human Rights Committee).
  • Reminder that CUPE 4163 has two credentials that are not being used at Victoria Labour Council
  • Reminder that members who want to attend CUPE workshops should contact the office; see the CUPE workshop calendar    and the advanced notice for the CUPE weeklong schools
  • See CUPE 4163 on Facebook
  • Social Justice Fund was awarded: see post on this blog below;
  • Always feel free to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns: office@cupe4163.ca