SAGM Approves Bylaw Amendments

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CUPE 4163’s parliament (SAGM) met Friday Nov 1, 2013.  Some of the highlights are listed below:

  • Bylaw amendments were approved and are now on their way to CUPE National for approval from the National President, Paul Moist
  • Budget 2013/14 Approved
  • Highlights of  Component Reports:
  • Component 1 – Steward’s Council up and running;  need members to contact the office where TAships are being eliminated or hours being reduced (trying to track affects of UVic budget cuts 4% this year); Collective agreement expires August 2014.
  • Component 2 growing as ESL gets more students; collective agreement expires August 2014;  
  • Component 3 Looking for members for Bargaining Strategy Committee as collective agreement expires April 2014 and will start bargaining in January 2014;  Cuts have been significant and still more to come; Humanities has dropped 10 courses traditionally taught by Term Sessionals, members please contact the office if you are willing to volunteer to work to stop the cuts.
  • Social Justice Fund goes to Together Against Poverty (TAPS) TAPS engages in public legal education and individual advocacy around topics that are of particular concern to those living in poverty, such as Residential Tenancy Law, Income Assistance rules, Employment Standards legislation and legal protections for those living with a disability.
  • CUPE 4163 exists to act on behalf of its members – please be sure to contact the office if you have any questions/concerns.  If we don’t know the answer to your question we will find someone who does.