April 23, 2014

Your new executive met Wednesday evening for their first Executive meeting since the elections at the AGM.  Highlights of the meeting:

  • Executive planning meeting will be scheduled in the near future; the executive will determine its priorities for the coming year.
  • Debrief from the AGM-plans for improving future general meetings
  • CUPE BC convention highlights from delegates Greg Melnechuk and David Huxtable
  • Representatives from CUPE2278 (UBC TAs and ESLs) and Teaching Support Staff Union (SFU TAs, ESLs and Sessional Lecturers) will be meeting for a Solidarity Summit – TBA
  • Upcoming Component 1 Beer Chat – venue will have to be changed-TBA
  • Residence Life still hiring for the fall; there will only be 4 CUPE members working over the summer months
  • Residence Life bargaining will begin with Comp 1 & 2 bargaining
  • Component 1 needs bargaining committee members
  • Component 2 bargaining survey completed
  • Component 3 bargaining scheduled to start May 8 and 14
  • Universities Coordinated Bargaining Committee (10 CUPE locals from 6 research universities in BC) meets May 23, conference call next week to discuss communications campaign
  • Component 1 Poster campaign ready to roll out
  • Donated $50 to 2014 Decolonize & Anti-Oppression Community Workshop Tour
  • Thank you Heidi Darroch for volunteering to represent CUPE4163 on UVics Employment Equity Advisory Committee (EMAG)