Welcome to CUPE 4163’s New Executive 2018-2019

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CUPE 4163 held its Annual General Meeting on March 20. At the meeting, 4163 members elected a new Executive for the 2018-2019 year. Thanks to outgoing executive members for their hard work over the past year!

President Greg Melnechuk
Secretary Treasurer Brittany Howard
Recording Secretary Andria Hamill
Vice President (Comp 1) Mark Piraino
Vice President (Comp 2) Kayleigh Erickson
Vice President (Comp 3) Matthew Koch
Communications Secretary (Comp 1) Phil Henderson
Communications Secretary (Comp 2) Daniel Lake
Communications Secretary (Comp 3) Laurel Collins
Member at Large (Comp 1) Ryan Broe
Member at Large (Comp 2) Katja Gee
Member at Large (Comp 3) Dave Dolff
Trustee (Comp 1) Brody Keating
Trustee (Comp 1) Josef Horan
Trustee (Comp 2) Pam Westinghouse
Trustee (Comp 2) Christy Sebelius
Trustee (Comp 3) Kear Portriss
Trustee (Comp 3) Keith Cherry