New Executive!

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At the Local’s Annual General Meeting on Friday, March 29th, the membership elected a new executive for the 2019-20 term.

President Greg Melnechuk
Treasurer Christy Sebelius
Recording Secretary Vacant
Vice President (Comp 1) Phil Henderson
Vice President (Comp 2) Katja Gee
Vice President (Comp 3) Matthew Koch
Communications Secretary (Comp 1) Elaine Laberge
Communications Secretary (Comp 2) Daniel Lake
Communications Secretary (Comp 3) Vacant
Member at Large (Comp 1) Micheal Ziegler
Member at Large (Comp 2) Logan Kinghorn
Member at Large (Comp 3) Dave Dolff
Trustee (Comp 1) Joseph Horan
Trustee (Comp 1) Vacant
Trustee (Comp 2) Linda Martine
Trustee (Comp 2) Taylor Caswell
Trustee (Comp 3) Marg Eastman
Trustee (Comp 3) Norman Fennema

Congratulations to our new executive!

As you can see there are still some vacant positions that will have to be filled in a special meeting. Details coming soon!