cupe4163 4163 Updates

In accordance with Bylaw 14 (“Amendments”),

  1. b) These bylaws shall not be amended, added to, or suspended except upon a majority vote of those present and voting at a regular or special membership meeting following seven (7) days notice at a previous meeting or at least sixty (60) days written notice,

your Executive is giving notice of  amendments to CUPE 4163’s bylaws.  The amendments will be voted on at our Fall Annual General Meeting, to take place the first week of November. Several of the amendments were intended for the Spring AGM, among them Executive title changes to remove the gendered term “secretary”, changes to Executive compensation, and a change to voting to recognize that members sometimes belong to more than one component of the Local. A newly proposed amendment  is the creation of an Equity Vice-President position.

To read all of the proposed bylaw amendments, see our website: