Comp 1 By Election Position Descriptions 2022

Elected Position Descriptions

CUPE 4163’s Executive board consists of 12 positions and are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in early spring of each year. Also elected at the AGM are the Trustees – 2 from each component.

Executive Position Descriptions

While the primary duty of all CUPE 4163 Executives and Trustees – to protect and advocate for the members in the workplace – is perhaps somewhat abstract, there are some concrete duties and responsibilities attached to each position.  All Executive members (and it should be noted here that Trustees are not members of the Executive) are expected to attend Monthly Executive meetings, the Fall and Spring General meetings, and any special component meetings. Executives are also consulted regularly via email by the staff and/or President and asked to weigh in on matters both Local wide and component specific.

What follows is a series of brief descriptions and the main duties of each position; for a fuller description that includes duties that are rarely if ever (but could be) performed, see the Bylaws.

Vice President

The Vice-Presidents are the main representatives of their respective components. They are regularly consulted on labour relations issues in their respective components, and may be called on to attend meetings concerning their component with management . They fill in when the President is unable to chair meetings.  The Vice-Presidents sit on the Personnel committee, which deals with any staffing issues including hiring new staff and negotiating collective agreements with our Business Agents. They also sit on the Local’s Grievance Committee, which is called upon to make decisions about difficult grievances, especially when there is a need to decide whether or not to advance a grievance to the arbitration stage. The Vice-Presidents also have signing authority

Communications Representative

In addition to being eyes, ears, and voices for their components, Communications Representatives sit on the Communications and Donations Committees


Non-Executive Position:


The GSS rep sits on the GSS board and acts as the Union’s voice at the GSS. The Rep works to connect the GSS and CUPE 4163 on common issues.