Component 1 Executive By-Election at the SAGM

cupe4163 Component 1, elections

Hello CUPE 4163 Component 1 members!

Each year, at the Spring General Meeting, a new CUPE 4163 executive is elected. Component 1 has a minimum of three representatives on the Executive Board: A Vice President, Communications Officer, and Member at Large. In the election held in March, Component 1 elected only a Vice President and Member at Large. Since that time, your VP, Evan Stefanek, has graduated and stepped down from the position.  

Now that Component 1 orientations are essentially finished and we have a complete list of our current members, it is time to hold a by-election for vacant Component 1 executive positions.

The by-election will be held at the SAGM on Thursday, October 27 at 5:30 (HSD A240)

Nominations can be made at the meeting (and you can nominate yourself!).

If you are interested in holding an Executive Position (time commitment is around 2-4 hours per month on average), and want more information, please contact us at the union office :

Position descriptions are as follows:

The Vice- Presidents shall:

a. Be elected from each of the Components

b. Chair their respective Component Membership Meetings.

c. Alternating with the other Vice-Presidents, chair any General Meetings and Board Meetings from which the President is absent.

d. If the President is absent or incapacitated, perform all duties of the President in cooperation with the other Vice-Presidents.

e. Sit on the Personnel Committee.

f. One Vice-President shall chair the Donations Committee; the Chair will be voted on at an Executive meeting. If no other members volunteer for the Donations Committee, all three Vice-Presidents shall sit on it.

g. Have signing authority, and sign, with the President, all cheques (in keeping with the appended policies and procedures), if the Secretary-Treasurer is absent or incapacitated.

h. If the office of the President falls vacant, be Acting President until a new President is elected. This vacancy shall be filled until an election can be held on a rotational basis as follows:    January to April Component 1 Vice-President

i. Render assistance to any member of the Executive as directed by the Executive Board.

The Communication Representative shall:

a. Prepare and present component reports b. Backfill for the Component Vice-President c. Sit on the Communications and Donations Committee.

d.For Component 1, act as liaison to the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University Teaching Assistant Locals