2024 AGM Agenda

2024 Annual General Meeting


April 2, 2024                                                      3:30 PM                                                Clearihue C112

  1. Welcome, territorial Acknowledgement, Equality Statement, and Roll Call of Officers & Staff

President: Greg Melnechuk                                            Treasurer: Paul Emme

Recording Officer: Starlight Wilson                                 Equity Vice President – Angie Reamer

Component Vice-Presidents      (C1): Michael Sparks     (C2) Gilbert Imoesi                (C3) Brock MacLeod-

Communications Reps              (C1) Christine Funk       (C2): Maria Leon                      (C3): Vacant

Members at Large                     (C1) Julia Weder           (C2) Linda Martine                   (C3) Matthew Koch

Staff:    Melissa Pritchard, Member Advocate

2 Approval of Agenda

Moved:                   Seconded:             Carried


3 Adoption of Minutes of SAGM November 3, 2023

Moved:                   Seconded:             Carried


           4 Election of Officerschaired by

a) Motion: To approve appointment of Joseph Horan as Returning Officer


b) Nominations from the floor, 1 minute spiels, and 5 minute members’

    Q & A session for contested positions

Equity Vice-President  
Recording Officer  
Communications Representative  


c) Component caucuses to elect the Component specific positions with 1 minute spiels and

    members’ Q & A sessions for contested positions

Vice President (Comp 1)  
Vice President (Comp 2)  
Vice President (Comp 3)  
Member at Large (Comp 1)  
Member at Large (Comp 2)  
Member at Large (Comp 3)  
Trustee (Comp 1)*  
Trustee (Comp 1)*  
Trustee (Comp 2)*  
Trustee (Comp 2)*  
Trustee (Comp 3)*  
Trustee (Comp 3)*  

                                                                                               *note – Trustees do not sit on the Executive



  • Motion to destroy the ballots


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes

  1. New Business


  1. President & Vice-Presidents’ Reports


President – Greg Melnechuk


Component 1 VP –  Michael Evans


Component 2VP– Gilbert Imoesi



Component 3 VP – Brock MacLeod


Equity VP – Angie Reamer –


Motion to approve President’s and Vice Presidents’ reports:                                

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Paul Emme


2023-24 Financial update (as circulated)

-Fiscal year is October 1 to September 30

-Everything until mid-March is covered here

 Motion to approve Treasurer’s report:      


  1. Staff Report

As circulated

Motion to accept Staff Report as circulated                                                                         


  1. Social Justice Fund Nomination & Vote

Nominee – Atomic Vaudeville nominated by Cam Culham, Component 2, English Language Centre

  • One minute speeches
  • Secret Ballot Vote – Social Justice Fund goes to:


Motion to destroy the ballots: M/S/C

  1. Good of the Union

  1. Adjournment of Meeting

Moved                                Seconded               Carried    at         pm