2024 Executive Board and Trustee Nominations

Please note: the following nominations are only the ones that have have been made prior to the AGM. Other nominations can and usually do come from the floor at the meeting.


Greg Melnechuk

Component 2, English Language Centre Instructor

I have been President for 12 years on and off. I also served as Treasurer for four years, and I was a component 2 steward for over 10 years, defending members and dealing with grievances.  I have been a member the Component 2 bargaining team for the past 6 rounds. Component 2 and Component 1 share a collective agreement, so during those five rounds of bargaining I was made very aware of TA issues. During the last two rounds of bargaining, I sat at all three bargaining tables, and in this round of bargaining I was the chief spokesperson at all three tables.

I wish to continue as President so that I can work to advance our members’ rights at UVic, especially with a further round of budget cuts approaching.  My institutional knowledge helps me to understand how the union works and how the structures and practices came to be. I have a very healthy distrust of the University power structure, but my years of labour relations work has helped me realize that being adversarial just to be difficult often gets in the way of advancing members’ interests.

I pushed to combine the Communications Representatives into one paid position, as better communication with members helps with engagement. I also spearheaded the creation of the Equity VP position , as unions need concrete actions to be more inclusive. And I believe that continuing to develop our network of stewards through all three components will pay off in advocating for our members.


Paul Emme

Component 2, English Language Centre Instructor

Component 3, ATWP

I have been a CUPE 4163 member since 2019. I have worked as a teaching assistant for several departments, a sessional instructor for the Academic and Technical Writing Program, and a second language teacher for the English Language Centre (ELC). I expect to continue working at the ELC for some time.

In the various positions I have held at UVic, I have been the beneficiary of the labour and dedication of my fellow union members, and I would like to contribute positively to the ongoing task of fighting for the voices of education workers, especially in a climate when many of us are facing increasing challenges and uncertainties. As a CUPE 4163 member, I am interested in contributing to the continuing success of our union. I view the role of treasurer as critically important to that success, requiring both a commitment and collaborative spirit that I believe I can bring.

I have been Treasurer for just over two months, and I have been committed to learning the necessary procedures to ensure the finances of the local are sound. This has meant putting in the time to meet for weekly training sessions and being unafraid to ask questions. As a teacher and researcher, I have founded a career on being positive, open, and communicative, as well as being timely and detail-oriented in my administrative work. This has all contributed to being an effective Treasurer.

I hope that you will allow me to continue contributing as Treasurer.



Sean Morgan

Component 1, Psychology

I have been a CUPE 4163 member since 2022 where I have worked as a teaching assistant for the Psychology Department. As a dedicated member of CUPE 4163, I am deeply committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within the union. Belonging to a union means being part of a community where every member is valued, respected, and heard. It means working together to ensure fair treatment, regardless of background or identity. I believe my experiences and skills make me well-suited for this position. I have a strong background in equity work, having served on local equity councils and delivered presentations on social justice issues. I am passionate about creating brave spaces where all voices are heard. My research on interpersonal relationships in minority populations has provided me with a solid foundation to approach advocacy work from an informed lens. If elected, I will work diligently to address equity issues and discrimination faced by our members. Being a member of the Equity Action Committee would be an honour, as we identify and pursue shared goals of highlighting members’ concerns and supporting them. Serving the 2-year tenure of the position would provide the opportunity not only to hear raised concerns but implement actionable change in a timely manner. Moreover, I am eager to contribute to the advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion within our union and beyond. Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as Equity Vice President.


Angie Reamer

Component 2, English Language Centre

My lived experience as a racialized person has impacted my life greatly. Equity initiatives represent far more than just professional development, they are literally a part of my core being.

I am on the Continuing Studies Divisional EDIA Committee, the South Island Community of Practice for EDI and the Anti-Racist Committee for the VDLC. In addition, I volunteer my time in the local community with immigrants and refugees. I have been an active union steward for Component 2 since the fall of 2021, was a member of the bargaining team in December 2022 and plan to be on the team for 2025. Moreover, I have had the fortunate opportunity to be the CUPE 4163 Equity VP since September of 2023. When I came on board, there were no official structures in place. I had the challenging task of establishing a solid foundation from which the committee could thrive in the future. I formed a committee, ran monthly meetings, participated in intensive training in EDIA, consulted on EDIA projects on campus, organized equity initiatives on campus and in the community and committed a large portion of my time attending meetings, networking and building connections with other union leaders in the EDIA field. TheEquity Action Committee can now be more visible and make more of an impact for our members. If re-elected as the Equity VP, I will bring valuable experience and a continued heartfelt dedication to the role. Thank you for your consideration.




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Pamela Westinghouse


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