Budget Line Item Definitions


Advertising : we place an ad in the GSS handbook each year; occasionally have need of ads for staff recruitment, etc.

Arbitration : if a grievance cannot be settled with the Employer, it goes to arbitration, and arbitrators are well-paid.



Bank Charges : includes both bank service charges and the cost of ordering new cheques (we go through about 400 cheques in a year)

Bargaining : includes management meeting compensation for the bargaining teams, paying for working lunches during bargaining, paying for our share of a mediator

Bargaining Membership Meetings : any costs for component meetings specifically related to bargaining, e.g. room rental for ratification meetings

Bargaining Preparations : anything related to bargaining but not directly involving bargaining meetings; includes things like printing up bargaining note pads and room charges or working lunches for coordination meetings with the other UVic CUPE locals.

Bus Pass Subsidy : CUPE 4163 provides a $30/month subsidy for employees’ bus passes (this is a negotiated benefit)



Cell Phones : we reimburse staff and the President for CUPE 4163 use of their personal cell phones

Communications : anything we do (flyers, pamphlets, web-based mass emails, etc) to communicate with our members or to promote our cause to the public.

Communications Campaign Cost Share : we undertake various communications campaigns , e.g. around bargaining, to fight the component 3 cuts, etc ( and often with the other CUPE locals on campus); we enter into cost shares with the National union, in which they pick up half the costs of the campaigns.

Computing :  anything computer related – e.g. new equipment, software, repairs, and services

Conferences :  Each CUPE 4163 employee has the right to attend, at the Employer’s expense, at least two Conventions or conferences per year. (this is a negotiated benefit in the staff contract)

Conferences – CUPE : the cost of sending 4163 members to CUPE sponsored conferences (eg bargaining  conferences) and conventions.

Conferences – Other : the cost of sending 4163 members (or staff) to non- CUPE  conferences  e.g. Canadian Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions (CCGEU) conference or the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL) conference.

Contract Printing : any charges for printing new collective agreements

Credit Card Fees : yearly credit fees and late payment fees

CUPE BC :  we are affiliated with CUPE BC and pay an affiliation per capita fee of .14% of CUPE 4163’s total wages

CUPE National : we belong  to the National union and pay a monthly per capita fee of .85 % of CUPE 4163’s total wages (in return we receive bargaining, legal, and educational support)



Donations : CUPE 4163 regularly receives donation requests.

Dues : each member pays 2% of gross wages in dues to the Local



Education :  we fund Union workshops and courses (e.g. stewarding workshops or week long bargaining courses)  to encourage more members to take part in Union education

EI & CPP Employer Contributions (all) : CUPE 4163’s share of payroll taxes as an employer. The “all” refers to both staff and paid executive positions.

Executive Out-of-Pocket Expenses : each executive member (aside from the President & Secretary-Treasurer) receives a monthly reimbursement for expenses



Health Benefits :  we cover our employees’ extend health plans and MSP payments up to $3000 each per year. If an employee has extended health coverage form another source, they can apply the funds to increase their paid vacation time (this is a negotiated benefit in the staff contract)

Honoraria : given to members  who, through their volunteer efforts, have made significant contributions to Union operations and projects

Hospitality & Events : includes component socials and buying lunch for the Trustees’ yearly audit



Interest : interest earned on our chequing accounts and long term deposits



Labour Management meetings with CEP staff : covers MMC costs (see below) for bargaining & personnel meetings with CUPE 4163’s employees.(staff belong to the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union)

Late remittance Penalties :  if monthly payroll taxes are sent in late, the government levies a fine.

Legal Education Resources : covers a cost shared subscription to an on-line labour law reference site (shared with CUPE 917 & 951) as well as any costs associated with buying materials from or sending staff or members to Lancaster House conferences, regular educational forums put on by leading labour law experts from both sides.



Management Meeting Compensation (MMC) : Any designated representative of CUPE 4163 will be compensated at the Senior Assistant rate of pay as outlined in the CUPE 4163 component one collective agreement for time spent in meetings with management, members who are grievors, and representatives of our employees’ union.

Meetings – General Membership : covers room rental, food, and door prizes for the general membership meetings.

Meetings – General Membership Childcare : Childcare reimbursement  for members who attend any 4163 union  meeting and have to pay “out of pocket” for childcare in order to attend.



Office Phone : we pay monthly fees to the University for telephone service

Office Supplies : includes everything from paper to pens and toner



Paid Executive Positions : the President and Secretary Treasurer are paid positions

Political Action & Outreach : covers any expenses incurred in CUPE 4163’s political activity

Postage : stamps and expresspost mailing

Professional Development :  CUPE 4163 pays up to $1,000.00 per contract year per employee towards the cost of attending  courses, conferences, seminars or workshops (this is a negotiated benefit in the staff contract)



Release Time :  compensation to the University if a member needs to miss work for Union business

RRSP Matching Funds :  CUPE 4163 contributes 9% of gross wages to staff RRSPs (staff contribute 3%)   (this is a negotiated benefit in the staff contract)



Staff Training/Office Reorg :  covers the cost of bringing in a human resources consultant to aid in the reorganization of our staffing and to help implement these changes.

Staff Wages (Gross) :  wages paid to our Business Agent and Business Manager (wages are negotiated and in their collective agreement)

Stewards’ Council : covers food for monthly meetings of the component 1 stewards.(less frequent in the spring and summer)

Strike Committee : if we were to go on strike, this line item would cover the cost of strike supplies.



UCBC & UCBC Fund : 4163 sends delegates to meetings of the Universities Coordinated Bargaining Committee, which is made up of the 10 British Columbia university CUPE locals. Meetings are monthly during bargaining years, and are usually in Vancouver.



Vancouver Island District Council (VIDC) :we are affiliated with CUPE’s Vancouver Island District Council and pay an affiliation per capita fee of .o14% of CUPE 4163’s total wages

Victoria Labour Council : we are affiliated with the Victoria Labour Council and pay an affiliation per capita fee of 33 cents per Full Time Equivalent

VIDC Delegate Expenses : CUPE 4163 sends delegates to CUPE’s Vancouver Island District Council meetings in Nanaimo 3 or 4 times a year.



Worksafe BC Premiums (WCB) : worksafe (once known as Workers’ Compensation) premiums are based on staff wages and any per diem payments to non-staff (e.g. for attending conferences or workshops)