Elected Positions

CUPE 4163’s Executive board consists of 12 positions and are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in early spring of each year:

President – the duties are identified in CUPE4163 Bylaws as follows:

a.Enforce the CUPE National Constitution, these Local Union bylaws and the Equality Statement.
b.Interpret these bylaws as required.
c.Preside at all membership and Executive Board, General, and Personnel Committee meetings and preserve order.
d. Decide all points of order and procedure (subject always to appeal to the membership).
e. Have the same right to vote as other members. In the case of a tie vote, the President may cast another vote or the President may refrain from casting an additional vote, in which case the motion is defeated.
f. Ensure that all Officers perform their assigned duties.
g. Supervise the staff employed by the Local.
h. Fill committee vacancies where elections are not provided for.
i. Introduce new members and conduct them through the initiation ceremony.
j. Sign, with the Secretary-Treasurer, all cheques and ensure that the Local Union’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the CUPE Constitution, Local Union bylaws, or vote of the membership.
k. Be allowed necessary and reasonable funds to reimburse the President or any Officers for expenses incurred on behalf of the local Union. Expense claims must be listed on a proper form outlining the expense, the reason for the expense, and with supporting receipt(s) attached.
l. Have first preference as a delegate to the CUPE National and CUPE British Columbia Conventions.
m. Will be the official spokesperson for the Local.
n. Sit on the Finance Committee.
o. Attend all University of Victoria CUPE All-Locals meetings.
p. Be the Local’s delegate to the CUPE B.C. Universities Committee.
q. The President will be a paid position. Wages will be based on 36 hours per month at Step 2 of the Component 2 Instructor rate.

Secretary Treasurer – duties identified in CUPE4163 Bylaws as follows:

a. Receive all revenue, initiation fees, dues, and assessments, keeping a record of each member’s payments, and deposit promptly all money with a bank or credit union.
b. On behalf of the Local be responsible for maintaining, organizing, safeguarding and keeping on file all supporting documents, authorizations, invoices and/or expense claims for every disbursement made, receipts for all money sent to CUPE National, as well as records and supporting documents for all income received by the Local Union.
c. Be responsible for maintaining current and proper accounts of all the Local’s members.
d. Ensure that per capita tax is paid by direct remittance, or where per capita is not paid by direct remittance, prepare all CUPE National per capita tax forms and remit payment, including $1.00 of each initiation fee on all members admitted, no later than the last day of the following month.
e. Record all financial transactions in a manner acceptable to the Executive Board and in accordance with good accounting practices.
f. Make all books available for inspection by the Trustees and/or auditors on reasonable notice. Ensure that the books are audited at least once each calendar year and within a reasonable time, respond in writing to any recommendations and concerns raised by the Trustees.
g. Provide the Trustees with any information the Trustees require to complete the audit, including forms provided by CUPE National.
h. Respond in writing within a reasonable time to recommendations and concerns raised by the Trustees.
i. Regularly make a full financial report at the Executive monthly meeting and at each General Membership meeting, detailing all income and expenditures for the period, and prepare a written budget to be submitted for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
j. Ensure that the necessary tax forms are completed by February 28th each year with the necessary copies sent out to all Local employees and to Revenue Canada.
k. Carry out all of the above duties with the assistance of the Business Manager and any other staff who may be hired by the Local for these purposes, and be empowered, with the approval of the membership, to employ necessary administrative assistance to be paid for out of the Local Union’s funds.
l. Pay no money unless supported by a cheque requisition or expense form or request for payment duly signed by the President and one other member of the Executive Board as determined by the Executive Board. No request shall be required for payment of per capita fees to any organization to which the Local Union is affiliated.
m. Sign , with the President, or a Vice-President, all cheques and ensure that the Local Union’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the National Constitution, Local Union bylaws, or vote of the membership. In consultation with the Executive Board, designate a signing officer during prolonged absences.
n. The Secretary-Treasurer will be a paid position. Wages will be based on the Component Two Regular Teacher pay scale, starting at Step 1 and moving up one step every January 1.
o. If they do not qualify for a bond, be immediately removed from office and a replacement will be elected

Component Vice-Presidents (3) -duties identified in CUPE4163 Bylaws as follows:

a. Be elected from each of the Components
b. Chair their respective Component Membership Meetings.
c. Alternating with the other Vice-Presidents, chair any General Meetings and Board Meetings from which the President is absent.
d. If the President is absent or incapacitated, perform all duties of the President in cooperation with the other Vice-Presidents.
e. Sit on the Personnel Committee.
f. One Vice-President shall chair the Donations Committee; the Chair will be voted on at an Executive meeting. If no other members volunteer for the Donations Committee, all three Vice-Presidents shall sit on it.
g. Have signing authority, and sign, with the President, all cheques (in keeping with the appended policies and procedures), if the Secretary-Treasurer is absent or incapacitated.
h. If the office of the President falls vacant, be Acting President until a new President is elected.  This vacancy shall be filled until an election can be held on a rotational basis as follows:
January to April                         Component 1 Vice-President
May to August                            Component 2 Vice-President
September to December          Component 3 Vice-President
i. Render assistance to any member of the Executive as directed by the Executive Board.

 Recording-Secretary- Duties identified in CUPE4163 bylaws as follows:

a. Keep full, accurate, and impartial account of the proceedings of all regular or special membership and Executive Board meetings. These records must also include a copy of the full financial report (Executive Board meetings) and the written financial report (Membership meetings) presented by the Secretary-Treasurer. The record will also include Trustee reports.
b. Answer correspondence and fulfil other administrative duties as directed by the Executive Board.
c. Ensure that all amendments and/or additions in the bylaws are recorded and forwarded to the National President for approval.
d. Keep a record of all correspondence received and sent out, or delegate this responsibility, according to current policy.
e. Ensure that the Policy and Procedures Manual is kept accurate and current.
f. Have all records ready on reasonable notice for the Trustees or auditors.
g. Be empowered, with the approval of the membership, to employ administrative assistance to be paid for out of the Local Union’s funds.

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Communication Secretaries (3) -duties identified in CUPE4163 Bylaws as follows:

a. Prepare and present component reports
b. Backfill for the Component Vice-President
c. Sit on the Communications and Donations Committees

Member At Large (3) -duties identified in CUPE4163 Bylaws as follows:

a. Be elected from each of the Components.
b. Sit on the Finance Committee.
c. Chair any of their Component’s Membership Meetings from which the Vice-President representing that component is absent.

CUPE 4163 also has elected non-executive positions:

Non Executive position-Trustee (6) – duties identified in CUPE4163 Bylaws as follows: 

a.Act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members and audit the books and accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, and the Committees at least once every calendar year.
b. Make a written report of their findings to the first membership meeting following the completion of each audit, and submit in writing to the President and Secretary-Treasurer any recommendations and/or concerns they feel should be reviewed in orderto ensure that the LocalUnion’s funds, records, and accounts are being maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer in an organized, correct, and proper manner.
c. Be responsible to ensure that monies have not been paid out without proper constitutional or membership authorization.
d. Ensure that proper financial reports have been given to the membership.
e. Audit the record of attendance.
f. Inspect at least once a year, any stocks, bonds, securities, office furniture and equipment, and titles or deeds to property that may at any time be owned by the Local Union, and report their findings to the membership.
g. Send to the National Secretary-Treasurer, with a copy to the assigned Servicing Representative, the following documents:
i.     Completed Trustee Audit Program
ii.     Completed Trustees’ Report
iii.     Secretary-Treasurer Report to the Trustees
iv.     Recommendations made to the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Local Union
v.     Secretary-Treasurer’s response to recommendations
vi.     Concerns that have not been addressed by the Local Union Executive Board.
h. Act as ombudsperson on behalf of the members with respect
Non Executive Stewards – Each component and work community has a Steward network.  If you are interested in becoming a Union Steward please contact the office at mailto:office4163@gmail.comm