How does sessional lecturer pay work in the summer? If the pay schedule is based on monthly pay, am I paid less for teaching the same course in the summer, since it is over a shorter duration?


You get paid for courses by units so you get the same total amount for teaching a 1.5 unit course regardless of when in the year you teach it. The pay scales in the Collective Agreement are not well explained. The amounts in the pay scale are monthly and get multiplied by 4 for the total gross pay amount for the course. That amount is then spread over the pay periods for the duration of the course. Essentially, you should see bigger paycheques over the summer, but the total for the course will be the same as if you taught in fall or spring.

For Example: If you are teaching a 1.5 unit course at Step 1 of the pay scale (2020 rate) the total amount of gross pay will be $1455 x 4 for a total of $5820; that amount will be broken down into more pay periods in the Fall than in the Summer.