BC’s Universities: Top Brass Gets the Gold

philipcox bargaining

Workers’ wages wait while senior execs rake in raises

For the past few years, CUPE workers at UVic (and indeed throughout the entire University sector) have been told that in these tough economic times,  there just isn’t enough money for wage increases and that we all have to do our part. It seems, however,  that when the Liberal government says  “all” they’re using the term loosely, as senior management hasn’t had to share the pain of zero percent wage increases.

At UVic, the President has been warning workers that they are in dire financial straits and there just isn’t any more money, but that hasn’t stopped the position being boosted 8% since 2008.

Other senior management at UVIC enjoyed even higher increases – from 9%-17%. The Vice Presidents External and Research at UVIC received annual hikes and got  5% increases in 2010-11.

For more on this story and a look at how the brass at other universities in B.C. have prospered in this time of “net zero”, see the full report on the CUPE UVic site.