Fall 2014 Social Justice Fund Nominations

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All members of CUPE 4163 employed in a CUPE 4163 job in September automatically have an additional one dollar ($1.00) deducted from one (1) paycheque of that year to be used in a fund for charitable aid. Normally, the funds are divided between the fall and spring semesters and voted upon at the general meetings; however, at the spring general meeting there were no nominations , and so it was decided to have two awards this fall.

Below are nominations for recipients of the Social Justice Fund, to be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting this Friday.


My proposal for a charity is RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values &
Environmental Needs).

RAVEN is a non-profit charitable organization that provides financial
resources to assist Aboriginal Nations within Canada in lawfully forcing
industrial development to be reconciled with their traditional ways of life,
and in a manner that addresses global warming or other ecological
sustainability challenges. RAVEN’s vision is a country that embraces the
caretaker values of First Nations and their equitable access to the justice
system within a thriving natural habitat.


Ryan’s Well Foundation

I would like to nominate the Ryan’s Well Foundation for the Social Justice Fund contribution.

This organization was started by a 7-year-old boy after he learned in his grade one class that people were dying due to lack of clean water. The organization is committed to delivering access to safe water and sanitation as an essential way to improve the lives of people in the developing world.
Ryan’s Well has helped build over 878 water projects and 1120 latrines bringing safe water and improved sanitation to over 823,238 people.

I am nominating this organization for two reasons:
1) Clean water is the key to development. Without it, children get sick and cannot attend school to get the education necessary to improve their lives, adults get sick and cannot work, and medical services in developing countries are unncessarily burdened treating those sick and dying of preventable diseases caused by drinking dirty water.
2) My ESL students have chosen to support this organization for our charity project this session. I always tell them that doing good things encourages others to do good things. Let’s show them that their efforts will be supported by CUPE 4163’s commitment to helping those less fortunate in our global community.