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Announcement re proposal ratification meeting jan 14 2015 Component 1 members

Component 1 members (Teaching Assistants, Lab Assistants and Instructors, Scientific Assistants, Computer programmers, Teaching Assistant Consultants and others) met Wednesday to put the final touches on proposals for bargaining.  The Component 1/2 Collective Agreement expired August 31, 2014.


Component 1 members expressed extreme frustration with their working conditions, including:

  • TA wages consistently below similar jobs at other universities;
  • Wages not keeping up with Tuition increases;
  • Component 1 positions and hours being slashed while class sizes continue to increase;
  • Reduced opportunity for Grad Students to gain valuable teaching experience;
  • Less time to spend with each Student which negatively impacts the Student’s educational experience


Components 1 &  2 will be going to the bargaining table with the University of Victoria in the very near future.

Component 1 members will be kept up to date on the issues at:

Facebook: CUPE4163 Education Members

Facebook: UVIC TAs (CUPE4163)