Discipline and Social Media: Are you inoculated?

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Social Media is a great tool for sharing information BUT THINK BEFORE you hit “send”, “Post”, “Tweet” because:

  • Disparaging comments about managers and co- workers can lead to discipline, termination and even defamation law suits!
  • Postings that could potentially affect the Employer’s reputation could lead to discipline or termination!
  • UVic administrators have relied on Social media to discipline employees!
  • Humourous posts could be misunderstood and lead to defamation, Human Rights complaints or other liability!

Remember: Social media posts are not privileged or private and could be subject to court scrutiny. All assertions you make must be based in fact and be able to be substantiated with concrete evidence in a court of law. In general it’s a good practice not to put anything on Social Media that you wouldn’t want to see plastered on newspaper front pages or billboards for all the world to see. Don’t rely on the fact that you weren’t working at the time of your post as an individual can be disciplined for “off duty conduct” if it detrimentally affects job performance, work environment or the employer’s enterprise. Admitting you are wrong, immediately removing the post, and writing a sincere apology can be significant mitigating factors, but always consult with your union and, or legal counsel before taking such action.

The aforementioned information piece is provided without prejudice or precedent to any position taken by  CUPE 4163 in any matter.