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Executive Meeting Summary – September 3, 2015

  • Solidarity and Communication Outreach:
  • Your union will investigate possibilities and costs related to reviewing and upgrading CUPE4163.ca
  • Working to develop “letter generating tool” for website use for membership collective action
  • Your union is working with other unions and student societies on campus to welcome students by:
  • participating in UVic President’s welcome September 8
  • participating in UVSS Sustainability market September 10 (looking into purchasing apples from Life Cycles for giving away at event)
  • participating in Graduate Student Information Fair September 4
  • If you are available to assist at any of these events (handing out pre-determined material) please contact the office: office4163@gmail.com
  • Membership and Public awareness campaign ongoing; watch for CUPE4163 posters
  • Your union is looking for component representatives (Stewards) who work with other department representatives to discuss (develop action plans where appropriate) issues of concern from each department; If you are interested in becoming a Steward for your department please contact the office: office4163@gmail.com
  • Your CUPE4163 representative to Grad Student Society is Susan Kim, thanks to Susan for stepping up for this very important role.
  • Bargaining:
  • Component 3 online ratification vote to take place September
  • Component 1 & 2 bargaining to resume end of September /early October
  • CUPE 917 & 951 currently in bargaining
  • Ongoing discussions with other CUPE unions at Universities throughout BC, through University Coordinated Bargaining Committee (UCBC)
  • Continue solidarity support for Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) in their struggle to reach collective bargaining agreement with Simon Fraser University (SFU). Watch for options such as letter writing campaign.
  • Convention and Conferences:
  • CUPE4163 will send a delegate to CUPE National Convention Nov 2- 6, 2015
  • Component 1 Vice President, Gordon O’Conner will attend Lancaster House Bargaining in the Public Sector and Labour Arbitration and Policy Conference(s) November 17, 18, 2015. Thanks Gordon for stepping up and agreeing to provide the Executive with a report on the proceedings
  • Contact office4163@gmail.com if you wish to volunteer for any CUPE4163 initiatives or if you have questions or concerns related to your working conditions.