Call for Nominations for the Fall 2020 Social Justice Fund

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The CUPE 4163 Social Justice Fund

What is it?

A fund to help organizations and causes that are compatible with union and social justice principals.

How is it funded?

CUPE4163 deducts $1.00 from each member’s pay in November and February of each year. The money generated from this deduction makes up the foundation of the CUPE4163 Social Justice Fund.

As we had to cancel this year’s AGM due to COVID -19, and a summer call for nominations garnered no interest, the Fund for this Fall includes the unused money from the Spring Fund.

How is the money disbursed?

Half of the Social Justice Fund is distributed at the Spring AGM and the other half at the Fall SAGM (to be held November 9). Two beneficiaries are decided upon by the members at each meeting. Members are encouraged to bring forward their ideas on what organizations should be the beneficiary of this fund.

How do I nominate an organization?

To nominate an organization, you are restricted to writing two paragraphs about the organization and why you are nominating it. Nominations received prior to 10:00 a.m. on November 5, 2020 will be provided to the membership for consideration. Nominations will then be posted on the CUPE 4163 website. Nominators are required to attend the general meeting on November 9 and are be allowed a 1-minute speech on their nominee prior to the vote.

To nominate your favourite organization, email the office: office