Call for Nominations for Treasurer By-Election

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Our Treasurer, Marika Cooper, has moved on to a different poison at UVic, so unfortunately has had to resign her position, so we need to have a by-election to fill the position and to call for nominations for the position (you can self-nominate)

Nominations will close Sunday, December 17, at 9:00 PM, and any nominations received will be posted on the CUPE 4163 webpage.  An online election will be held on Monday, December 18 and Tuesday, December 19. 

The Treasurer is a paid position; pay is 22 hours/month at Step 1 of the ELC Teacher pay scale ($31.83). If you are interested in being the Treasurer, please fill out the attached nomination form and return it to the union office : Please note: this is an actual job where the Treasurer manages a nearly ½ million dollar budget. For a list of the duties, see below

description-of-Treasurer-position – summary

Official Position description from the Bylaws:

The Treasurer shall:

a. Receive all revenue, initiation fees, dues, and assessments, keeping a record of each member’s payments, and deposit promptly all money with a bank or credit union.
b. On behalf of the Local be responsible for maintaining, organizing, safeguarding and keeping on file all supporting documents, authorizations, invoices and/or expense claims for every disbursement made, receipts for all money sent to CUPE National, as well as records and supporting documents for all income received by the Local Union.
c. Be responsible for maintaining current and proper accounts of all the Local’s members.
d. Ensure that per capita tax is paid by direct remittance, or where per capita is not paid by direct remittance, prepare all CUPE National per capita tax forms and remit payment, including $1.00 of each initiation fee on all members admitted, no later than the last day of the following month.
e. Record all financial transactions in a manner acceptable to the Executive Board and in accordance with good accounting practices.
f. Make all books available for inspection by the Trustees and/or auditors on reasonable notice. Ensure that the books are audited at least once each calendar year and within a reasonable time, respond in writing to any recommendations and concerns raised by the Trustees.
g. Provide the Trustees with any information the Trustees require to complete the audit, including forms provided by CUPE National.
h. Respond in writing within a reasonable time to recommendations and concerns raised by the Trustees.
i. Regularly make a full financial report at the Executive monthly meeting and at each General Membership meeting, detailing all income and expenditures for the period, and prepare a written budget to be submitted for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
j. Ensure that the necessary tax forms are completed by February 28th each year with the necessary copies sent out to all Local employees and to Revenue Canada.
k. Carry out all of the above duties with the assistance of the Member Advocate and any other staff who may be hired by the Local for these purposes, and be empowered, with the approval of the membership, to employ necessary administrative assistance to be paid for out of the Local Union’s funds.
l. Pay no money unless supported by a cheque requisition or expense form or request for payment duly signed by the President and one other member of the Executive Board as determined by the Executive Board. No request shall be required for payment of per capita fees to any organization to which the Local Union is affiliated.
m. Sign , with the President, or a Vice-President, all cheques and ensure that the Local Union’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the National Constitution, Local Union bylaws, or vote of the membership. In consultation with the Executive Board, designate a signing officer during prolonged absences.
n. The Treasurer will be a paid position. Wages will be based on 22 hours a month at the Component 2 Regular Teacher pay scale, starting at Step 1 and moving up one step for each year of cumulative service normally every January 1.The September general wage increase for the Component 2 Regular Teacher pay scale will also be applied the following January 1.

o. If they do not qualify for a bond, be immediately removed from office and a replacement will be elected