2023 SAGM MInutes

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2023 Semi-Annual General Meeting


November 3, 2023,     2:30 PM                                                                                               DSB C103

  1. Welcome, Equality Statement, Territorial Acknowledgment, and Roll Call of Officers & Staff

President: Greg Melnechuk                                           Treasurer: Marika Cooper

Recording Officer: Starlight Wilson                               Equity Vice President – Angie Reamer

Vice-Presidents                        (C1): Michael Sparks     (C2) Gilbert Imoesi             (C3) Brock MacLeodregrets

Communications Reps              (C1) Christine Funk     (C2): Maria Leon                      (C3): Vacant

Members at Large                     (C1) Julia Weder          (C2) Linda Martine                   (C3) Matthew Koch

Staff:    Melissa Pritchard, Member Advocate

  1. Approval of Agenda


Moved:                   Seconded:             Carried: 3:30                                                                                              M/S/C


  1. Adoption of Minutes of AGM March 31, 2023


Moved:                   Seconded:             Carried                                M/S/C   3:30


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes


  • TSSU members finished voting Wednesday – voted in favour of ratifying the new collective agreement.


  1. President & Vice-Presidents’ Reports

President – Greg Melnechuk

  • Working on building structure, current priority: building steward capacity. More stewards in Components 1,2, & slowly adding more in Comp 3. What is a steward? A steward is a contact between union representatives (Greg/Melissa) and members in each department. They pass information and observations as “boots on the ground” up to the union leadership.
  • Communication, an ongoing issue for unions. Still waiting on bylaw change approval from CUPE National that would collapse our communications reps into 1 position. In the meantime, need to meet with communication reps to establish what this consolidated role’s responsibilities should entail.
  • September/October overview: Did many orientations for members as we start a new work cycle. Met with department heads to go over new collective agreements so they are aware of the new job expectations. Sat on trial board, sat on post-secondary national committee, working to strengthen our bonds to other post-secondary locals, sat on CUPE BC university committee, worked with Matthew Koch to attend a rally by 2338 in solidarity with TSSU during the CUPE BC convention. Intend to attend Lancaster House labour conference. Attended CUPE National Convention with Angie Reamer, Matthew Koch, Starlight Wilson. Learned things through networking with other locals, had a voice in the business of our union and the resolutions/constitutional amendments put to the floor.

Component 1 VP – Michael Sparks

  • [lovely speech about comp 1 is diverse but strong, and there’s a lot of them] Outreach has been good for comp 1. Research Assistant organizational work has been ongoing. Dear comp 1: do your midterm assessment, take control of your workload. If your work is not going great: talk to us, that’s why we’re here.

Component 2 VP – Gilbert Imoesi

  • We hold order for the university (Authors note: ResLife side of comp 2). Our employer does not recognize us and acknowledge our contributions. We have done a successful job of organizing our stewards and fortifying our abilities to hear from our membership so they can air their grievances. Sent Member to National Convention (Starlight Wilson).
  • Comp 2 ELC (Greg): Still recovering from covid and building full time positions, recovering better than our counterparts at SFU/UBC.

Component 3 VP – Brock MacLeod Matthew Koch

  • Workload, a common issue from Comp 1 & 3. Management seems to be wishy washy about what is appropriate workload depending on if they want a member to work for them or not. Member intimidation has led to grievances not being pushed to the union. Class sizes, class assignments, jobs not being posted, these are some examples of common grievances. Need to organize some committees.

Equity VP – Angie Reamer

  • Due to VP by-election the committee started late (September) met twice already, plans to meet in Dec. has begun discussing equity issues. Plans to put out survey to membership about equity issues. Planning ways to increase membership engagement and allow for them to safely come forward with equity issues. Starting to use social media to create engagement. As Equity VP Angie is doing on-going training to increase her capacity to act in the role. Attended National Convention: Angie attended equity caucus including but not limited to (Women, indigenous, Black and racialized workers, disabled workers.) Common issues include safer working spaces and building intersectional approaches.


Motion to approve president’s and vice presidents’ reports:                                 M/S/C 3:30


  1. New Business





  1. Treasurer’s Report


  • 2022-23 Budget Report


  • 2023-24 Proposed Budget


Motion to approve Treasurer’s report:   M/S/C    3:41                          

  1. Trustees’ Report


  • As read
  1. Bylaw Amendments

Amendments as attached

  1. Bylaw 11 (6) Finances: per diems & travel expenses: move travel expense policies into the bylaws M/S/C

2. Bylaw 6 (1) : Duties of the Officers:  Change the executive term to start later in April M/S/C

  1. Bylaw 10.4: By-Elections: Expand upon and clarify by-election rulesM/S/C
  2. Bylaw 7: Committees, Representatives, and Delegates: Establish guidelines around sending members to CUPE conventions M/S/C


  1. Component Caucus
  • Component 1 – Select a GSS Rep
  • Component 2 – plotting, pizza refill
  • Component 3 – Communication Representative by-election


  1. Social Justice Fund Nomination & Vote



  1. Neighbourhood Solidarity with Unhoused Neighbours (NSUN) nominated by Susan Martin, Component 1
  2. Atomic Vaudeville nominated by Cam Culham, Component 2, English Language Centre

  1. Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) –  nominated by Nell Perry, Component 1


  1. UVSS Food bank nominated by Mark McIntyre, Component 3
  • One minute speeches
  • Secret Ballot Vote – Social Justice Fund goes to:


  1. Staff Report


As circulated


Motion to accept Staff Report as circulated        M/S/C

  1. CUPE 4163 Committees & UVic Committees with CUPE 4163 Reps


  • CUPE 4163 Equity Action Committee – welcomes volunteers
  • CUPE 4163 Mobilization Committee – welcomes volunteers


  1. Good of the Union


  1. Adjournment of Meeting

Meeting Adjourned at 3:51 due to loss of Quorum.

Social Justice vote to be held during an online vote.