Social Justice Fund Nominations Spring 2024

Atomic Vaudeville nominated by Cam Culham, Component 2, English Language Centre

I am writing to you in my capacity as President of the Board for local theatre company Atomic Vaudeville Productions. Like many arts groups, sadly we simply do not make enough at our door to cover all of our expenses. Moreover, this is our 20th anniversary of bringing vibrant theatre, almost entirely created using local artists, to the vibrant downtown core. Britt Small and Kathleen Greenfield are our tirelessly working Artistic Directors. The company has received cuts of late from our usual funders and so any financial support you might provide is welcome. Our work is especially aiming at being inclusive. Consent and theatre safety are also important topics we address via workshops and dialogues.  AV is very actively/artisitically in support of non binary LGBTQ2 perfomers. We also regularly feature indigenous writers and performers, not just via lip service, but as being integral players in our shows, and with your funding would be able to that more. Thanks for considering us!