CUPE 4163 2024-25/26 Executive & Trustee Elections – Call for Nominations

cupe4163 elections

In accordance with  Bylaw 10.1 a)   “The Executive Board shall call for nominations for Local President, Local Treasurer, Local Recording Officer, Local Equity Vice-President, Local Communications Representative, all Component positions, and Trustees twenty one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting…” we are doing just that today! Our annual election will be held at the AGM Tuesday April 2 at 3:30 (check the website for more details on that).

If you are interested in getting more involved with your union, this is one way to do it.  If you want to nominate yourself or have someone nominate you for a 2024-25 Executive Position, please fill out Executive Position Nomination Instructions 2024. The deadline for written nominations is March 28th at 1:00 pm, as this is the last working day before the AGM.

If you miss the written deadline or are undecided – no problem! CUPE 4163 accepts nominations from the floor.

We will post nominations on the website as they come in.

Please read a few very important points about the expected commitment:

  • the term of office for most positions is one year, running from April 15, 2024 to April 14, 2025, except
  • the term of office for Treasurer and Equity Vice-President  is two years, running from April 15, 2024 to April 14, 2026
  • the time commitment is around 2-4 hours per month on average
  • the executive board meets every month for in-person meetings which we are usually able to keep to one hour
  • in addition to monthly meetings, executive board members often have to respond to email motions for pressing issues. For this reason, board members need to check their email regularly (ie more than once a week) and respond without much delay.

For a more or less plain English description of the positions, please see

Feel free to contact the office if you need more information!