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  • CUPE4163 Working for Students

    CUPE4163 Working for Students

    “I help new students feel comfortable on campus and try to create the best possible environment for them to learn about Canadian Culture and language. I love meeting new students, making friends with them, and […]

  • Government Announces Economic Stability Dividend for 2017

    Government Announces Economic Stability Dividend for 2017

    In the last round of provincial public sector bargaining, which included CUPE 4163,  the BC Liberal government, in an attempt to soften the optics of a forced 5.5% wage increase settlement, promised an “Economic Stability […]

  • CUPE pledges solidarity with US labour and progressive civil society allies

    CUPE pledges solidarity with US labour and progressive civil society allies

    Following a surprise election victory for Donald Trump and the Republican party south of the border, CUPE is pledging support and solidarity with our labour and progressive civil society allies, as they face uncertain times.“CUPE will […]

  • slider-600-x-200-(new-website)

    New Website!

    Out with the old and in with the new! While we have many fond memories of the old site, it became increasingly obvious that a spring cleaning was long overdue. With the core content kept intact, we’ve […]

  • 4163 Exec 2016

    CUPE 4163 Executive Priority Planning Session

    CUPE 4163 Executive met June 30 to set priorities for the coming year. Picture from left front clockwise to right front: Jane Wodlinger– Vice President Component 1, Kayleigh Erickson – Communications Component 2, Julia Meyers – Communications Component 1, […]


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On December 6, we mark the anniversary of the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre, where 14 women were singled out and murdered because of their gender. One of those women, Maryse Laganière, was a CUPE member who worked at the school.

Sadly, in the 27 years since the massacre, gender-based discrimination and violence remain widespread in our workplaces and communities. Today, we recognize that such violence has particular impacts on Indigenous, racialized, LGBTTI women and women with disabilities.

On this day, we join with millions of Canadians, in unions and organizations of all kinds, to encourage our members to take action.

There are concrete actions that union members can take:

Tell your MP that the federal government’s promised action plan on violence against women should follow the Blueprint created by feminists across the country.
Bargain and lobby for paid leave and other protections for women facing domestic violence. See CUPE’s guide and the Canadian Labour Congress resources on domestic violence at work. If you’re in Ontario, follow the Ontario Federation of Labour campaign announcements on Bill 26, for paid domestic violence leave.
Support organizations like the Native Women’s Association of Canada in their demands with regard to the national inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women, and take action in your community.
Organize or attend a December 6 event in your workplace or neighbourhood.
Many CUPE members and staff across the country work daily to end gender-based violence and to support workers and families affected. On December 6, CUPE applauds your activism, and we re-dedicate ourselves to ending violence against women.

National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence Against Women
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