Treasurer By-Election Candidates Profiles

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CUPE 4163 will be holding a by-election for the position of Treasurer tomorrow.

Melissa Pritchard, our Business Agent, has set us up on an online election platform (LimeSurvey) that is both anonymous and secure.
When the election period begins, everyone will receive an email with a unique voting link generated by the platform. Once they vote using that link, they cannot use that link again.


Please read the profiles submitted by the two candidates.

Leslie Bland

My name is Leslie Bland. I’m a Continuing Sessional Instructor in the Department of Theatre. I have taught at UVic for the past 23 years. I am putting forward myself as a Nominee for the position of Treasurer of CUPE 4163. I’m interested in being Treasurer to serve the hard-working members of the Union. I have a background in bookkeeping and accounting through administering a number of not-for-profit charities and running my own small business. I consider myself an ethical and fair-minded person, with a commitment to accuracy and transparency. I have gradually become more engaged in the activities of CUPE 4163, recently participating on the bargaining committee, securing our latest Collective Agreement with the University.

Kindra Harte

I am writing to express my interest in the opening for Cupe 4163 for the Treasurer Position. I have worked at the University of Victoria as a Sessional Instructor for many years and would be very interested in this opportunity.


Throughout my years at UVIC as a Sessional Instructor I have very much valued and appreciated the support and hard work of this group. I would love to have the opportunity to give of my time to support and learn more about our role within the workplace. I also teach in the Saanich School District and work as part of the Saanich Teachers Association. I have been teaching in the Saanich School District since 1991 and have a fair bit of experience working within a union environment.


Throughout my career as a teacher in BC I have experience in working as a Treasurer for other associations including the BC Association of Modern Languages and the BC Language Coordinators Association. I am high energy and excited to learn new skills and expand my experiences. I feel that I definitely have the time and energy to dedicate to this role and would look forward to learning more about this position.


I enjoy learning new things and working with others. I have been part of a union my entire career and it means a great deal to me. I would love the opportunity to support the work that this union does for its members and would give this role 100%.