Component 3 Ratification Vote

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 The Memorandum of Agreement to be Voted On

  • The Memorandum of Settlement is the document detailing the negotiated collective agreement changes that have been agreed upon by the Union and the University.
  • The Component 3 Bargaining Committee is recommending the members accept the Memorandum. They are confident that the settlement package has all of the language and monetary improvements that would have been achievable with or without job action.

Eligibility to Vote

  • All CUPE 4163 Component 3 members who have a contract this semester are eligible to vote
  • The question each eligible member will be asked to vote on is: “Are you in favour of the proposed collective agreement?”

What happens if I vote yes?

  • If the majority of voting members vote Yes , the Memorandum of Settlement will be deemed ratified by the Union
  • The UVic administration will then ratify the agreement next week.
  • The Memorandum of Settlement will form the changes that will be made to revise the Collective Agreement which expired April 30, 2022.

What happens if I vote no?

  • If the majority of voting members vote No , this means they reject the Settlement Package being recommended by the Bargaining Committee. In essence, that would mean a vote of non-confidence in the Bargaining Committee and rejection of the proposed settlement.
  • The Union would then have to decide on a new bargaining team and agenda.  Additionally, if CUPE 4163 rejects the package, UVic is not obligated to re-table any of the offers it previously made.

Questions about something in the settlement package?