2021 Component 1 Member at Large By Election Nominees

Alivia Wang
Component 1
Teaching Assistant

I am interested in being the CUPE 4163 Member at Large as I want to better serve the
workers represented by CUPE 4163, especially in this current time. Workers represented by our
Union face additional difficulties during COVID-19. A strong and mindful voice from the Union
calling for fair treatment and compensation is no doubt a clear message to the University that
the status quo must change to better reflect the new normal that our colleagues have to face
regularly. I want to be a part of that voice.
I have been a teaching assistant in Chemistry for three years, but none of my former
experiences matches with me teaching physically on-campus during COVID-19. As an
international graduate student at the same time, I have first-hand experience with the
challenges many of our colleagues and students face, regardless of being in Victoria or around
the world. I understand the struggles of our members and I want to be a strong advocate for
them – for us. I was a student senator on UVic Senate representing students of the Faculty of
Graduate Studies between July 2019 and June 2020, and through that, I realized the very
importance of having a voice and ways to be heard. I hope I could have the chance to do more
for my peers as your Member at large.

Micheal Ziegler

Component 1 and TA


I have held the role of member-at-large during the 2019-2020 academic year. I didn’t put my name forward for re-election because I didn’t know where I would be for my PhD studies. Now that I am here, I am interested in taking on the role again. This role is rewarding; it allows me to engage directly with the union to make TA voices heard. Other than this role, I have held representative positions before: Graduate Political Science department rep, Cultural Social Political Thought department rep, and while I was on my undergraduate student council. This history of holding representative roles and having held the position of member-at-large makes me a good choice for this role.

Arman Nikkhah

 Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Instructor in the Faculty of Engineering.


I have been member of CUPE4163, component 1, since 2018. Having experienced different academic positions as a Teaching Assistant, Academic Assistant and Laboratory Instructor in different departments at the Faculty of Engineering, I believe that I can stand for CUPE4163 members. It is worthwhile to mention that CUPE4163 has supported its members and will continue to do this year. I am running for “Member at Large” since I think I have got valuable experiences as a member of component 1 and this position will allow me to represent our members. Belonging to a union means standing together to make sure our rights are not violated, and our voices are heard. As a member of this Union, I will do my part to protect the members and improve working conditions all the time. I have seen how working conditions have improved in the past couple of years and I would like to play my role amid this global pandemic to make sure the progress will be continued.